Like many in my community, I grew up riding public transportation as a way to get to school and work. For me, it was a matter of necessity and not choice. This perspective has allowed me to be a critical voice in shaping our City’s transportation improvements because using public transportation should be an attractive choice for everyone.

In the past we have seen how some of the transit lines that run through our community have been neglected or are the last to receive upgrades even though these transit lines are usually the ones with the highest ridership. That is why during my time on the City Council staff, I worked with MTS and transit advocates to help build a transportation service with improved routes and moving towards a 100% electric fleet. For me, working on public transportation is not just about access, but it’s about building a public transportation system that allows our community members to ride with dignity, efficiently and safely.

As your Councilmember, my transit priorities will be:

  • Increased bus frequency, and dedicated bus lanes on roads and highway. Let's move people faster!
  • Expanding routes to get residents closer to work and 24 hour service, because not everyone works from 9-5. 
  • Provide free bus passes for students and youth to increase access to educational and work opportunities. 
  • Homelessness outreach program on transit lines to ensure that our most vulnerable riders have access to the resources they need.