Streets and Sidewalks

For too long, I have seen how my community has had to put up with broken sidewalks and unsafe streets. As a member of the City Council staff, I fought every day to ensure that our city was responsive to my community.

As Director of Community Outreach for Laborers Local 89 and advocate for working families, I worked with contractors on building up their skilled and trained workforce to ensure that the work paid for by our taxpayers was of the highest quality. As Councilmember, I will continue fighting for our communities to ensure that we have the streets and sidewalks that we deserve.

As your Councilmember, I will:

  • Ensure that we are not only tackling our backlog of much needed improvements but ensuring that they are being done right the first time, addressing community concerns, and go after bad contractors that keep on failing to meet standards.  
  • Assure that our streets are safe for pedestrians including the disabled, seniors and kids getting to school.
  • Advocate for our community voices to ensure that we shape the projects in our neighborhoods. 
  • Introduce a streets and sidewalks action plan that will focus on increasing coordination between city departments, utility companies and funding allocation to double the number of streets and sidewalks that get repaired each year.
  • Work with our city so that the burden of sidewalk and alleyway repairs are not passed onto residents but addressed by the City.