San Diego and our communities are facing a housing crisis. The long-time residents that have made our District 9 communities vibrant and special are now being priced out of their own homes. The rent is too high and too many of our working families cannot afford to live in the communities they grew up in. Unfortunately many of our community members are being pushed to the margins of our city, further increasing their commute times, moving away from families and friends and disrupting their quality of life.

Our community needs more housing, but we need to build the kind of housing that fits the needs of our communities. Our working families and community members need to have their voices heard in the planning process. We need to ensure that the decision makers reflect our values and our community. As a former Community Planning Board member and Town Council Vice-President I know how important it is for residents to be heard.

As a Council Policy Advisor, I worked with regional leaders to ensure we are setting aggressive measures and benchmarks to build more units and increase access to home ownership for our residents. As an advocate for our working families, I worked directly with people that aim to create jobs and increase affordable housing. As your Councilmember, I will produce results for our community.

When elected, I will propose a housing action plan that will reflect the values and needs of our District 9 residents. I will work to:

  • Cut the red-tape! It takes years for housing projects to move through the city approval process. This causes construction to be delayed, and costs to go up. 
  • Increase incentives to encourage the building of housing for working families in the middle income range. 
  • Identity city land that can be used for affordable housing. The City should not be letting land and old buildings just sit there. Let's be proactive and make good use of our tax payer’s resources. 
  • Protect tenants’ rights! As America’s Finest City, our residents should not be living in substandard conditions. I propose increased oversight and enforcement of property owners that aim to take advantage of residents. 
  • Create a position at the city in charge of investigating property owners and slum lords who prey on our most vulnerable renters.
  • Preserve affordable housing. As a Councilmember I will work closely with the San Diego Housing Commission and local non-profits to ensure we are doing all we can to rehab and preserve affordable units. 

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