Our City is facing a homelessness crisis and we need immediate action. This crisis is not only affecting those that are on our streets, but it’s also affecting our community as a whole. Not that long ago we saw how our City faced a hepatitis outbreak due to a lack of action by our leaders in helping creating a safer environment for those on our streets. Yearly, our communities in District 9 face fire dangers from homeless encampments on the edges of our communities.  We can no longer sit back and hope this issue goes away, our communities and our safety are at stake.

As a Volunteer Community Organizer for Homelessness youth outreach, I worked on the ground to provide much needed resources to youth experiencing homelessness. All San Diegans deserve to have access to housing and with my experience and connection to our communities, I have the tools to bring forward real solutions to fix our homelessness problem, such as:

  • Ensuring that we have rapid response and re-housing so that we can get people off the streets as soon as possible.
  • Work with our non-profit partners to develop supportive housing that will not only give people a decent place to live but also provide the services they need to get back on their feet.
  • Work with shelters to ensure that admission policies at shelters are inclusive of all and don’t reject our most vulnerable people on the streets.
  • Give priority to non-profit affordable housing developers to buy existing affordable housing units in danger of being turned into market rate housing so that they remain affordable and keep people in their communities.
  • Introduce policies that will fight against displacement so that our vibrant communities do not become unaffordable to long-time residents.
  • Partner with health care leaders and law enforcement to better coordinate mental health services for those on the streets.
  • Work with the County of San Diego and our City to eliminate red tape on State funding to fight homelessness so that we can put our state funding to work.